Incosplay Global User Agreement

Welcome to Incosplay!

We want the Incosplay platform to remain an original and safe place where people can draw inspiration and self-expression. Help us develop this community. Post only your own photos and videos and don't break the law. Respect all Incosplay users, don't spam or post images naked bodies.

Incosplay reflects our multifaceted community of people of different cultures, ages and beliefs. We thought for a long time about how to create a safe and open environment for each of them.

We have created a User Agreement so you can help us develop and protect this amazing ecosystem. Using Incosplay, you accept our User Agreement. We strive to comply this agreement and hope that you share our aspiration. Violation of its rules may result in deletion content, account blocking, and other restrictions.

This User Agreement ("Terms of Use" or "Terms") governs your use Incosplay (unless it is expressly stated that separate conditions apply, not these) and contains information about the Service Incosplay ("Service"), set out below. By creating an Incosplay account or using Incosplay, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Incosplay Service is one of the Incosplay Products provided to you by Incosplay, Inc. It thus, these Terms of Use constitute an agreement between you and Incosplay Global Inc.

1. Incosplay Service

We agree to provide you with the Incosplay Service. The service includes all products, functions, applications, Incosplay services, technologies and software we provide for the mission Incosplay help you get closer to cosplay. The service includes the following components:

- Offer personalized ability to create content, communicate, learn new and Share experiences and experiences with others.

People are different. We want you to have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with other people by sharing impressions and talking about what is important to you and what you know. Therefore, we create systems to understand who and what interests you and others, and use this information to help you create or find interesting content, track what other people share, and share with them what matters to you. Among among other things, we highlight content, features, suggestions, and accounts that may interest you, and offer ways to use Incosplay based on your actions and those of other people in the service Incosplay and beyond.

- Create an enabling, inclusive and secure environment.

We develop and use tools and offer community members resources to help ensure in Incosplay a positive and open to all interaction, including when we believe, that they may need help. We also have teams and systems to deal with abuse and violations of our Terms and Policies and harmful and misleading behaviour. We use everything the information we have (including your information) to keep our platform safe. We may also share information about misuse or harmful content with other Companies Incosplay or law enforcement. For more information, see Privacy Policy.

- Develop and use technologies that help us serve our growing community.

The organization and analysis of information within the growing Incosplay community is very important for our Service. A significant component of it is the creation and use of advanced technologies that help us personalize, protect and improve our Service for a wide global community. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, give us the opportunity to apply complex processes. Automated technology also helps us to maintain functioning and integrity our Service.

- Ensure the uniformity and convenience of the various Incosplay Products.

Incosplay is one of the Incosplay Companies that share technologies, systems, statistics, and information, including information we have about you (for details, see Privacy Policy), to provide more secure and secure services and improve their quality. We also provide ways to interact in the various Incosplay Products and have developed systems to ensure the uniformity and convenience of such Products.

- Ensuring access to our Service.

To ensure the operation of our global Service, we need to store and transfer data between our systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. Using This Global infrastructure is a necessary and integral prerequisite for the provision of our Service. Own or Incosplay Global Inc., Incosplay, Gmbh can manage this infrastructure. or their affiliated companies.

- The connection between you and the brands, goods and services you are interested in.

We use data from Incosplay and other Incosplay Products, as well as from third-party partners, what would show you ads, offers and other sponsorship content that we think will be for you significant. At the same time, we try to make such content no less relevant to you than the rest the materials you see in Incosplay.

- Research and innovation.

We use the information we have to study our Service and in cooperation with others conduct research to improve it and enhance the emotional well-being of our community.

2. Financing of our Service

You will not pay for the use of Incosplay, however, using the Service to which these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that we can show you ads for which we are paid by companies and organizations promoting their products and services within and outside Incosplay Products. We use yours personal data such as information about your actions and interests to show you the most Ads that are relevant to you.

We show you current and useful ads without revealing your identity to advertisers. We do not sell your personal data. We allow advertisers to let us know about their business goals and the target audience that they want to show their ads. Then we show them to people who may be interested in it.

We also provide advertisers with ad performance reports that help them understand how people interact with their content on and off the Incosplay network. So, we provide advertisers with common Demographic data and interest information to give them a clearer picture of their audiences. We don't provide anyone with information to identify you (for example, your name) and an email address that can itself be used to communicate with you or to establish your identities) unless you give us special permission to do so.

You can see in Incosplay branded content posted by account owners who promote Goods or services within the commercial relationship with the business partner specified in the content.

3. Data Policy

To provide our Service, we need to collect and use your information. In Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and communicate information in various Products Incosplay. It also describes the many ways you can manage your information, including Settings Incosplay Privacy and Security. To use Incosplay, you must accept Privacy Policy.

4. Your obligations

In exchange for our obligation to provide the Service, you must assume the following obligations to us.

- Who can use Incosplay.
We want our Service to be as open as possible and Accessible to all but safe, secure and compliant. Therefore, to become part of the Incosplay community, you must comply with some restrictions.You must be at least 13 years old or you must reach the minimum age from which in your country is legally allowed to use Incosplay.You shall not be prohibited from receiving any of the components of our Service in accordance with the applicable by law or use Payment Related Services if you are on a valid list prohibited persons.Your account should not be previously disabled by us for violating the law or any of our rules.You should not be convicted of a sexual offence.

- Prohibited uses of Incosplay.
Provision of safe and open Service the broad community demands that each of us abide by the rules.

- You do not have the right to impersonate other people or provide inaccurate information.
You are not required to disclose your identity in Incosplay, but you must provide us with accurate and up-to-date information (including registration information), which may include personal data. Also, you are not have the right to impersonate people that you are not, or to represent companies that you do not have relationships, and create accounts for others without their direct permission.

- You do not have the right to commit illegal, misleading or deceptive acts or other actions for illegal or unauthorized purposes.You have no right to violate (or to assist or encourage others to violate) the present Conditions or our rules.You may not interfere with or interfere with the normal operation of the Service work.
This includes the misuse of channels for complaints, disputes and appeals, for example sending fraudulent or unfounded complaints or requests for appeal.

- You may not attempt to create, collect, or access accounts in unauthorized ways.
This includes creating accounts or collecting information using automated tools without our direct permission.

- You do not have the right to sell, license or purchase any accounts or data, received from us or from our Service.
This includes attempts to purchase, sell, or share any of your account information (including your user name), request, collect, or use login credentials, and request or collect user names and passwords in Incosplay or assigning other people access tokens.

- You may not publish personal or confidential information without permission or otherwise violate someone's rights, including intellectual property rights (e.g. by infringement of copyright, trademark, distribution of counterfeit or pirated goods).
You may use someone else's work in accordance with copyright exceptions or restrictions The rights and related rights provided for by applicable law. You assure me that you own the content you publish or share, or have all the necessary rights to it.

- You do not have the right to modify, translate or remodel any of our products or their components or attempt to create derived works based on them.You may not use a domain name or URL in your username without our prior written consent as well as derived values of the name from "Incosplay Global." The permissions you give us.
As part of our agreement, you also give us permissions required to provide the Service.

- We do not claim ownership of your content, but you license us to do so use.
Your rights to your content remain unchanged. We do not claim ownership of your content that you publish in or through the Service and you may share it with anyone at any time. However, we need obtain from you some legal authorizations (referred to as a "license") to provide the Service. When You publish or upload content that is the subject of intellectual property rights (e.g. photo or video), in our Service or share such content or in connection with our Service, you hereby give to us a non-exclusive, free, worldwide license with the right to transfer and issue sublicenses for storage, use, distribution, modification, launch, copying, public execution or display, translation of your content and creation of derivative works based on it (in accordance with your privacy and app settings). License expires when your content is removed from our systems. You can delete content individually or all at once by deleting your account. To learn how we use the information and how to manage or delete your content, see Privacy Policy.

- Permission to use your username, profile photo, and your relationship information and actions related to accounts, advertising and sponsorship content.
You give us permission to display your username, profile photo, and information about your activities (for example, Like marks) or relationships (for example, subscriptions) near or in connection with accounts, advertising, offers or other sponsorship content you subscribe to or with Interact as demonstrated in Incosplay Products without paying you any reward. For example, we can show information that you have marked "Like" a sponsorship publication created by the brand that paid us to showcase his ads at Incosplay. As with other content and subscriptions to other accounts, sponsorship activities, and promotional subscriptions accounts can only be seen by people you have allowed to see such content or subscriptions. We will also be Take your ad preferences into account.

- You agree that we can download and install Service updates on your device.

5. Additional rights we retain

If you choose a username or similar identity for your account, we leave the right to amend it if we consider it appropriate or necessary (for example, if it violates someone's intellectual property rights or if you impersonate another person).If you use content that is the subject of intellectual property rights, we have and provided by us in our Service (for example, when creating or publishing content you can add to it is provided by us images, design, video or sounds), we reserve all rights to our content (but not on your content).You can only use our intellectual property and trademarks if you have our prior written permission.You must obtain written permission from us or permission under an open license before modify, create derivative works, decompile or otherwise attempt to obtain from us the original code.

6. Delete content and temporarily or permanently disable your account

We may remove any content or information you share in the Service if we believe that it is violate these Terms of Use or our rules, or if permitted or provided requirements of the legislation. We have the right to refuse or immediately stop providing you with the Service in whole or in part (including disabling your access Incosplay Products and Incosplay Products on a temporary or permanent basis) for the purpose of protection ours communities or services, or provided you create risk or adverse legal consequences for we, violate these Terms of Use or our rules, repeatedly violate the rights to intellectual property of other people or it is permitted or as required by law. We may also terminate or modify the Service, remove or block content or information published in our Service or stop provision of the Service in whole or in part if we establish that there is a reasonable need for it to prevent or mitigate negative legal or regulatory consequences for us. If you think, that your account was disabled by mistake, or permanently delete your account, contact support Incosplay users in any convenient way. If you request to delete content or your account, the process of deleting will begin automatically no later than 30 days after the request has been submitted. After the deletion process is started, it can It takes up to 90 days before the content is deleted. While deleting content, it will not be able to view other users, but these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. After deleting content may take up to 90 days to remove from backups and emergency systems recovery.Content will not be deleted within 90 days of starting the Delete Account or Content process in the following cases:if your content has been used by other users under this license and they have not deleted it (in this case, the license will continue until the content is removed);if removal within 90 days is impossible due to technical limitations of our systems (in such if we complete the deletion as soon as it is technically feasible);if removal limits our ability to:investigate or identify unlawful acts or violations of our terms and conditions (e.g. to identify or investigate cases of misuse of our products or systems);protect our products, systems, and userscomply with legal obligations, such as the preservation of evidence;comply with the request of a judicial or administrative body, law enforcement agencies or a public authority;in this case, the content will be stored no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was stored (the exact duration of storage will depend on the case).If you remove or we disable your account, these Terms will terminate as an agreement between by you and us, but the provisions of this section and the section "Our agreement and what happens if we do not Agree "will remain in effect even after your account is terminated, disconnected, or deleted.

7. What if my Incosplay account is blocked?

If your Incosplay account is locked, you'll see a message when you try to sign in. We We may block accounts that conflict with these Terms without warning. Recommend carefully examine these rules and check publications in all Accounts you created. Please note that we can permanently delete accounts that regularly violate the rules of our User Agreement.

If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake, you can appeal our decision. To do this, open application, enter your username and password, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

If you don't see the lock message, you may have a login problem. If you or a person, you who has a password from your account, deleted it, we will not be able to restore it. You cannot create a new one an account with a previous email address or phone number and use the old user name.

8. General Content Publishing Conditions

In some cases, we allow you to post content that does not meet the Conditions if it worthy of coverage and of public interest. At the same time, we compare the significance of content from a point of view public interest at risk of harm, and take into account international rights standards a man.

- Post only photos and videos that you have taken yourself or that you have the right to share.
As always, the materials you publish in Incosplay belong to you. Don't forget to publish only genuine material is possible. Don't publish content copied or found online if you have there is no right to do so.

- Share photos and videos for a diverse audience.
We know that sometimes people want to share images of naked bodies from creative or artistic considerations, but for some reasons, such images are prohibited in Incosplay. Prohibited include photos, videos and some digital materials depicting sexual acts, sexual organs, completely naked buttocks close-up. Some types of photos of women's nipples are also prohibited, with the exception of images in the context of breastfeeding, childbirth and postpartum, health situations (e.g. recovery from mastectomy, breast cancer prevention or sex reassignment surgery), and acts of protest. Images of naked bodies in the form of paintings or sculptures are allowed.

People like to share photos and videos of their children. Sometimes for security reasons we can delete photos, which depicts completely or partially naked children. Even if these materials are published with good intentions, it is impossible to predict for what purpose other people can use them.

- Maintain meaningful and genuine interaction.
Help us fight spam. Do not use mechanisms to artificially get likes and cosplay estimates, increasing the number of subscribers and reposts. Do not publish recurring comments or content Contact people who have not consented several times with commercial offers. Not offer users money or participation in draws in exchange for likes, subscriptions, comments and other actions. Don't post content that promotes, encourages, or simplifies imposition offers, buying or selling false and misleading reviews of people or ratings.

You are not required to provide your real name in Incosplay, but we require users to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information. Don't pretend to be other people or create accounts to violate our leadership or mislead someone.

- Follow the law.
Incosplay is not a place to support and praise terrorist activities organized by crime and hate groups. Also prohibited to offer sexual services, purchase and sale firearms, alcohol and tobacco between individuals, and buying and selling drugs or drugs for non-medical purposes. In addition, we delete content directed to exchange, exchange coordination, donation, donation or inquiry of drugs non-medical use, as well as content that coordinates or promotes the use of drugs means of non-medical use or containing recognition of the fact of their personal use (except in cases, when it comes to rehabilitation). Incosplay also prohibits the purchase and sale of live animals by private individuals, but traditional stores can place such ads. Poaching and sale of animals is strictly prohibited endangered species, as well as parts of their bodies.

When offering to purchase or sell other products subject to legal regulation, do not forget Comply with the law. Accounts promoting online gambling, online games with real money or online lotteries are required to obtain our prior written permission to use our products.

We consider unacceptable threats to publish intimate photos of other people, as well as the publication of materials Sexual activity involving minors.

- Respect other members of the Incosplay community.
We strive to form a diverse and friendly community. We remove materials that contain real threats or hostile statements, materials aimed at humiliating or insulting certain people, personal information intended to blackmail or attack someone, as well as recurring spam messages. As a rule, we allow critical discussion people who appear in the news or have a large audience of fans due to their profession or activities.

It is unacceptable to call for violence or attacks against people on grounds of race, ethnic or national origin origins, floor, gender identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, diseases or limited legal capacity. We can allow the publication of hostile statements if it is done in order to talk about this phenomenon or fight it. In such cases, we ask to clearly express your intentions.
Serious threats to public and personal security are prohibited. In particular, this implies specific threats of physical harm, robbery, vandalism or other financial damage. We carefully study complaints and take into account many factors, determining the reality of the threat.

- Maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the community and do not promote self-injury.
Members of the Incosplay community take care of each other. We contribute by providing useful information in an app so people can get the help they need.

Inducement or the call of people to injure themselves is contrary to the ideas of our community, so we remove such posts or accounts if we receive complaints about them. We also remove materials that you can use Identify those who inflict or injure themselves if these materials are intended to attack or ridicule.

- Be careful to publish important events.
We understand that many use Incosplay to share important and interesting events. Some of them imply the presence of materials depicting scenes of violence. Incosplay is used by people different ages, so we can delete videos with hard-to-perceive scenes of violence to platform Incosplay remained acceptable to everyone.

Do not publish images for satisfaction sadistic tendencies or glorification of violence.

- Incosplay out of policy
We recognize that social media is used to highlight important and interesting events, but Products Incosplay is not related to politics or to any other politically or economically significant events. In this regard, we prohibit publishing any content in Incosplay that directly or indirectly focused on political or economic developments, including inter-ethnic conflicts and Infringement of the rights and dignity of various social communities.

Incosplay only allows the publication of content directly related to cosplay as a cultural phenomenon.Help strengthen our community.

Each of us is an important part of the Incosplay community. If it seems to you that the materials you see violate Our terms and conditions, use the built-in complaint feature. Our international team considers such complaints and tries to remove materials that violate our Terms. Even if you or your friends don't have an Incosplay account, you can still send complaint. Try to provide as much information as possible, such as link, username, and description of materials so that we can find relevant content and address your complaint as much as possible faster. We can delete entire posts if their images or captions conflict our User Agreement.

You may find materials that you do not like but do not violate the Terms and Conditions. In this case, you can unsubscribe or block the person who posted them. If you don't like it some comment on one of your publications, you can delete it.In many cases, community members can independently resolve disputes between them and disagreement. If someone posted your photo or video, try to leave a comment on such a post with a request to remove her. If this doesn't work, try sending a copyright complaint. If You believe that someone is violating your trademark rights, send the corresponding complaint. Do not turn this person is targeted, publishing screenshots and drawing attention to the situation, as it may be regarded as persecution.

We can contact law enforcement if, in our opinion, there is a risk of harm physical harm or threat to public safety.

9. Publish music content

The terms and conditions apply if you publish any video or other content in any Incosplay Products. containing music, or share similar materials.

9.1 You are responsible for the content you publish

With our Products, users share content with their friends and community members. Remember that you are solely responsible for the content you have published, including any music present in such content. No provision of these terms shall be authorised by us to any the use of music in any of our Products.In particular, the use of music for commercial or non-personal purposes is prohibited if you do not have appropriate licenses.

9.2 You may not use video in our Content Creation Products for listening to music

We want you to be able to view videos posted by your friends and community members. However if you use videos in our Products to create music listening materials for yourself or others, your videos will be blocked, and your Page, Profile, or group may be deleted. This is also the case Live Video.

9.3 Unauthorized content can be deleted

If you publish content that contains music that belongs to another person, your content may be blocked or verified by the appropriate copyright holder and removed if you do not have proper permission to use such music.

9.4 In some countries, it may not be possible to publish videos containing music, or access them

We want you to be able to share videos with family and friends wherever they are, but the content in them music (if its use is allowed at all) may not be available in all countries of the world.

10. Incosplay Content Monetization Rules

We offer authors and publishers features and products that enable you to generate content revenue. Monetized content must comply with a number of rules.

All content in Incosplay shall comply with these Terms and Conditions - General rules prohibiting the posting of content of a sexual nature, obscene language, as well as acts of cruelty and incitement to hatred. However, not all Incosplay compliant content is subject to monetization.

10.1 Prohibited Content Types

The following types of content are not monetized.

- Static Videos
Content consisting of a single static image in which motion is missing partially or completely.

- Surveys with static images
Content published for the sole purpose of increasing engagement by encouraging people to answer questions, related to this content.

- Looped Videos
Content in which the same segment is played in a circle. The looped content may have any duration and be in GIF format.

- Text Inserts
Content consisting mainly of static or animated images with overlaid text.

- Built-in ads
Content that already has ads embedded in the Incosplay offering locations.

10.2 Prohibited actions

Content that uses the following techniques is not monetized.

- Content bait
Content that encourages people to click a link or respond to a post by putting "Like" or leaving comment.

- Instigation
Content in which dangerous actions are performed in return for a reward, for example:

consumption of inedible substances;
demonstration of content heavy to perceive;
the use of drugs, tobacco products or alcohol;
stripping or other sexual acts.

10.3 Prohibited categories

The following content categories are not monetized.

- Misinformation
Content that the independent fact-checking expert found unreliable.

- Misleading medical information
Content containing medical claims that have been refuted by an expert organization, such as promotion of non-vaccination.

- Non-original content
Content authors and publishers can monetize only content that they created themselves or in creating of which they participated, or the content in which they appear. Non-original content as well as content playing other content without significant changes (e.g. comment, parody, creative installation), it is impossible to monetize.

10.4 Restricted Categories

We may limit the monetization of content that describes or discusses the following topics.

- Controversial issues of public importance
Content monetization can be restricted or disabled if it is in categorical or provocative form The following topics are shown or discussed:race;gender;nationality;age;political preferences;ethnicity;disability;sexual orientation;socio-economic situation;religion;immigration.

- Tragedy or conflict
Content monetization can be restricted or disabled if it shows or discusses events, which led to suffering, destruction or disorder. Description or discussion of these phenomena (as real, and fictional) may limit the possibility of monetizing content.
Content describing or discussing the following phenomena in a strongly optimistic form may be available for monetization:

bodily harm;
mental disorders;
physical violence;
sexual violence;
emotional violence;
damage to property.

- Disputed action
Content monetization may be restricted or disabled if shown or discussed substance abuse or criminal behaviour. Description or discussion of the following phenomena (both real and fictional) may limit the ability to monetize content:

substance abuse;
justification of violence;
trafficking in persons;
violation of the boundaries of private property;
trade in internal information;
misappropriation or embezzlement of property;
hacking;copyright infringement;

- Content with or with light hints of overtly sexual activity
Monetization of sexual or provocative content may be limited or disabled. Description or discussion of the following phenomena (both real and fictional) may limit the possibility of monetization content:

images of a nude body;
sexual acts;
sexually provocative poses;
sexually provocative dances;
imitation of sexual acts;
objects with sexual connotations;
expressions with sexual connotations;
nudity or stripping process.

Harsh Expressions
Content monetization may be restricted or disabled if it contains profanity or disrespectful statements. The presence of such expressions (oral, written, etc.) may affect the possibility monetize your content:

obscene language;
disrespectful expressions;
insults;sexual expressions;
ambiguous expressions;
coarse gestures;
vulgar movements.

Provocative content
Content monetization can be disabled if it contains images or discussions of bloody scenes or the physical state of the body. The description of the following phenomena (both real and fictional) may limit possibility of content monetization:

physiological fluids;
medical procedures;
food processing;
extreme body modifications;
physiological functions;
consumption of inedible substances;
the use of vomiting substances;
parasite infestation.

11. Terms of payment for users and royalties for sellers

If you are not 18 (eighteen) years old, you can use the payment functions in Incosplay Products only under the control of the parent or guardian. Make sure you and your parent or guardian are familiar with the present Conditions payments and understand their rights and obligations.

By making payments in Incosplay Products, you agree that we may use electronic means Links to tell you important information about your payments or account.

Digital purchases that include digital versions of photos or videos, as well as the design of various subscriptions in Incosplay Products are subject to your mobile platform Google Play Terms of Use for Android and Apple Terms and Conditions for iOS. In Web versions of Incosplay Products, purchases of both digital and physical goods, as well as purchases of physical goods in the Incosplay mobile application shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions..The seller independently assigns the cost of his digital or physical goods or the cost of the subscription and is solely responsible for price formation. Incosplay does not regulate the formation process value of goods and subscriptions and advises to adhere to the market value of the corresponding goods on the local market.

11.1 Making payments

By making payments in Incosplay Products, you agree that we may use electronic means Links to tell you important information about your payments or account.

Payment data.
When you make a payment in the Incosplay Products, you agree to provide to us Valid payment data. After successfully adding payment data, we will allow you to initiate Transactions using payment functions in Incosplay Products.

Additional conditions.
Before confirming a transaction, you may be presented with Additional terms and conditions associated with a particular payment (for example, terms and conditions for the delivery of physical goods). These additional conditions also govern such a transaction.

If you buy a subscription (for example, to a profile), the subscription is issued as one-time Purchase with subscription validity period. Renewing your subscription is a one-time purchase. We recall you about End your subscription so you can renew it for a new period. The decision to renew your subscription remains for a user of Incosplay Products.

You acknowledge that any goods or services you purchase, selling sellers, not us. The goods are guaranteed and delivered by the seller of the goods. Incosplay carries out the sale and purchase transaction. We thoroughly check all sellers and their items before granting them the right to register as sellers and place their goods in our marketplace.

11.2 Receipt of Royalty

By selling in Incosplay Products, you agree that we may use electronic means Links to tell you important information about your sales or account.The seller can receive Royalties by selling a digital and physical product or by signing up for a subscription.

Payment data.
When making a payment in the Incosplay Products, you agree to provide to us Valid payment data. After successfully adding payment data, we will allow you to initiate Transactions using payment functions in Incosplay Products.

Additional conditions.
Before confirming a transaction, you may be presented with additional conditions associated with a particular payment (e.g., formation of an outbound financial transactions to us from Google and Apple payment systems). These additional conditions also govern such a transaction.

Incosplay does not include a fee in the price of a digital item or subscription collection. The commission is paid by the seller of a digital and physical item or subscription that includes the commission payment systems Google and Apple according to their terms.

You acknowledge that you must have your an active and verified seller's Incosplay account. Existing Bank Account seller. Incosplay pays royalties to the seller's bank account between the 20th and 30th of the month following the settlement in the seller's currency.

11.3 Refund

By refund to Incosplay Products, you agree that we may use electronic funds to communicate important information about your returns or account.Receipt of a refund by the buyer is possible provided that the goods or services of inadequate quality are received within 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods or services.

Payment details.
When making a refund in Incosplay Products, you agree to provide to us Valid payment data. After we have successfully added payment data, we will allow you to initiate Transactions using the payment functions in Incosplay Products.

Incosplay does not include fees when making refunds.

12. Our agreement and the consequences of our differences

12.1 Our agreement.

If you use features or related services not described in this agreement, you will additional provided terms that will also be part of our agreement with you. In case of conflict between such such terms and conditions shall prevail.
If any aspect of this Agreement is null and void, the remaining aspects shall remain in force.
Any amendments or waivers to our agreement must be written and signed by us. If we do not seek enforcement of any aspect of this agreement, it shall not be deemed abandoning him.We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

12.2 Who has the rights under this agreement.

This Agreement does not give any rights to third parties.You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this agreement without our consent.We have the right to assign our rights and obligations to others. For example, this can happen in the case of a shift the owner (in case of merger, acquisition or sale of assets) or by law.

12.3 Who will be responsible if anything happens.

Our service is provided "as is," and we cannot guarantee its safety, reliability and ideal work. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, WE ALSO WAIVE ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF SUITABILITY FOR PURPOSES IN WHICH GENERALLY USE OF SUCH PRODUCTS, OR FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, INALIENABLE OWNERSHIP AND ABSENCE VIOLATIONS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS.Nor do we control or be responsible for the statements and actions of people and others (or your) actions and behavior (on and off the Internet) or content (including illegal or reprehensible). In addition, we are not responsible for the services and functions offered by other people or companies, even if you access them through our Service.Our responsibility for everything that happens in the Service (also referred to as "responsibility") is limited in the maximum amount permitted by law. In case of problems with our Service we are not able to predict all their possible consequences. You agree that we will not be responsible for any lost profits or income, lost information or data, or for indirect, punitive or collateral losses arising out of or in connection with these Terms, even if we were aware of the possibility of them occurrence. This provision also applies to the removal by us of your content, information or account.

12.4 How we resolve disputes.

If you are a consumer, to any claim, cause of action and dispute between you and us, subject to or related to these Terms ("claim"), the laws of your country of residence shall apply, and you can resolve your claim in any competent court in that country whose jurisdiction extends to such claims. In all other cases, you agree that the claim must be resolved only in Federal District Court of Delaware, You submit to the personal jurisdiction of the court for the purpose of considering any such claim, and these Terms and Conditions and any claim are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware without regard to conflict of laws rules rights. Without questioning the foregoing, you agree that Incosplay, Inc. may at its discretion make a claim to you related to the attempt to misuse our products, interference in their work or interact with them in an unauthorized way, and take it to court in the territory of your country Residence whose jurisdiction extends to such claims.

12.5 Submissions on your initiative.

Feedback and other recommendations are important to us, but we have the right to use them without any restrictions or responsibilities upon payment of your fees for them, and are not required to keep them as confidential information.

12.6 Update of these Terms and Conditions

We can change our Service and Rules and we may need to make changes to these Conditions for accurate reflection of our Service and rules. Unless otherwise required by law, we notify you (for example, through our Service) before amending these Terms and Conditions and give you have the opportunity to review these changes before they take effect. If you continue afterwards use the Service, you will be required to comply with the updated Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions or any updated version of the Terms, you can delete your account.We are grateful for the help in forming one of the best communities in the world!

Date of the latest edition: May 16, 2022